Mobile friendly means a website is comfortably readable with mobile devices. Only responsive layout doesn’t mean that
it’s mobile freindly but mobile friendly websites are fully responsive. Mobile friendly website means that all the
contents and features of the website is easily and flexibly contained and read by the mobile devices.

Why a website should be mobile friendly?

Now-a-days a website must be mobile friendly because of some reasons.

The most important reason is, more than 40% of the website visitors visit a website via mobile devices and the percentage
is growing up day by day. If your website is not mobile friendly, the visitor does not stay on your website and 95% of
them won’t back again in your website. to catch these visitors, your website must be mobile friendly.

There is another important reason is that the search engins does not recognize your website perfecty to show your website
in search resuts, it means your website stay dead 🙂 to search engins. That is very harmful for a website specially for
business and corporate websites. Because most of the modern visitors come from the search engins and they don’t like to
remember a website link for all time. they always take suggestion from search engins. If your website stay unrecognized
or dead to the search engins, then you are not getting these visitors.

There are a lot of important reasons why should a website be mobile friendly. For details, you can visit these links.




How to test mobile friendly websites?

How could you check your website mobile friendly or not? There is a wonderful solution provided by google webmasters
mobile friendly tool. you can check your website mobile friendly or not by using this tool.

The result wil be like these below.

mobile-friendly  or  not-mobile-friendly

If your result is like the first image, then your website is mobile friendly. But if the result is like the second image,
then your website is not mobile friendly and you need to make it mobile friendly.

Now the question is, How can I make my website mobile friendly?

There are two suggestions from me to make a website mobile friendly.

First and the easiest way is that, you should use mobile friendly themes or templates provided by different theme
markets. All the modern themes and templates provided by different marketplaces are fully responsive and 100% mobile
friendly. You can get free themes or templates from free marketplaces and buy your choosen themes and templates from
premium marketplaces in very reasonanle prices. There are some most popular premium themes and template provider
marketplaces below.






Second and custom way, to make website mobile friendly.

This is a detail tutorial. I made it another post for this topic. see this article to learn how to make website mobile friendly.