How To Customize Comment Submit Button In WordPress.

Hi, We Use wordpress comments_template(); and get the default Comment form. Sometimes we want to use our custom comment form and we can customize it in comments.php file. But we can not change the submit button's html codes and can not easily add any class or id in the button… Continue Reading »


Always Show Previous text & Next text in WordPress Even You are in First page or Last page

Hi, We always see in the pagination of our Wordpress blog page that if we are in the first page then the previous text automatically stay hidden like the image below. This is wordpress default function, But now I'll show you how to Show or always Show previous text and next text… Continue Reading »


Redux Framework Part two.

Hi, who is eager to know about redux framework , this post is for you. before following this post you must see the earlier post named get started with redux framework. Now let's start, after installing redux framework in you theme according to the previous post,  go to you [sample-config.php] file.… Continue Reading »

How to Make Custom Post Title Length in WordPress

Some times we add some long title in some posts which are in a very narrow space, the title can not stay in one line for being long and narrow space. We can easily solve this problem by an easy way. This is an easy way to make Custom post… Continue Reading »

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